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Inspired by traditional Dutch bikes, Kinderfeets comes from the Dutch word “kinderfiets” which means “child’s bike”. 

The Kinderfeets Balance Bike is a wooden two-wheeler bike without pedals that allow children’s feet to touch the ground.  It’s the best way to learn balance and prepare a child for learning to ride a full sized bike.

The Kinderfeet Tiny Tot is designed to get little ones riding as early as one year.  It is a three-wheeler trike without pedals that can later convert to a small two-wheeler Balance Bike.

The Kinderfeets Bikes are made from sustainable birch wood from a replenishable source.  The airless tyres are completely biodegradable.  Minimal packaging is used and it is made from recycled paper and waterbased ink.  And with “Trees for the Future” Kinderfeets plants a tree for every bike sold.

Kinderfeets Tiny Tots Bike

Kinderfeets Balance Bike


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